Pretty Pink Rooster INSPIRED®

Pretty Pink Rooster INSPIRED®
Working at the boutique where I do all the buying and curation of looks is a labor of love, but I was looking for ways to continue to grow and express my creativity and solve problems for my clients.

I love all the brands I carry in the boutique and they have common traits, they are beautiful, affordable and have a story that resonates. When I found myself seeking specific looks or products that didn’t exist with my current offerings, I started dreaming up ways I could bring those items, that vision for products, to life. I am thrilled to launch Pretty Pink Rooster INSPIRED® with these products:

A collection of natural stone bracelets featuring 5 different styles and stones with unique meanings & our own makeup bags in 3 different styles.

My natural stone bracelets all have unique meanings and are designed to offer a reminder to focus on what’s important in the here and now - whatever that means for you.

My whimsical makeup bag collection was a must for my first product launch. Customers simply love these fun and functional zipper pouches. They are perfectly sized for makeup, electronic accessories, or female emergency kit. They are so popular, we have trouble keeping them on the shelves.

I wanted to offer a light-hearted reminder to laugh at yourself, embrace your unique quirks, and have some fun with it. “Whatever your day brings” has become the signature mantra of The Pretty Pink Rooster Boutique, because we are here providing solutions for frazzled and busy customers, but also because we all need to be reminded that we can’t control everything - and that’s OK.

I am so happy to be able to share Pretty Pink Rooster INSPIRED® with all of you. I look forward to expanding the offerings.  As always, I want to know what you think, so drop us an email, or a DM. 

I hope my big leap will inspire you to take one of your own!
Click here to shop the collection.

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