Sparkle & Shine for graduation season

Sparkle & Shine for graduation season
It is an inspiring time of year when we are celebrating successful endings and new possibilities. Graduation season has always inspired me to reflect on my goals and accomplishments and recommit to my dreams - or even dare to have a BIG new dream.

So whether you are walking across the stage and throwing your cap this year or celebrating the accomplishments of others, you’ll need something special to wear or something special to give as a gift.

I built The Pretty Pink Rooster Boutique out of a desire to provide a service to others, enabling them to embrace life’s special moments. We specialize in helping clients solve their styling and gifting challenges that can stand in the way of enjoying these special moments.

Instead of fretting about the five different parties you have to figure out what to wear for - stop in and see us. I promise, we can help. We currently have lots of versatile pieces that can be worn different ways to create a variety of different looks.

Our jewelry and accessory selection can work magic in transforming a look from a demure pearl to vibrantly colorful sparkle - all for under $50.

We’ve worked really hard to offer gift options that have significant meaning and feel great to give. Our Little Words Project bracelets are an easy to give gift with meaning. I’ve recently curated additional options that will also make meaningful gifts to honor the grads in your life; encouraging them to keep dreaming and striving. 

Much like attending a wedding that reminds us about love, graduation season is a season possibilities. We get so busy planning, doing and achieving, we don’t often pause and appreciate that today can be the beginning of anything you want. 

At PPR, our goal is to help you find the gifts, jewelry and accessories that reflect your attitude of gratitude, and celebrate the endless possibilities.

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