Brunch With College Roommates

Brunch With College Roommates

Need the perfect look.

Recently, my client came in looking for the perfect outfit to see her old college roommates. 

Read more of her story and the PPR solution:

I’m really excited to see my college besties this weekend for brunch. We share so many good memories, but don’t have the time to stay in touch as we should. I have no idea what to wear! It has to be effortless, and I don’t want to look like everyone else, having dressed off the mannequin at a department store.

From flirty to preppy, Alexandra and team can help you choose the best pieces for your budget, style and occasion.

The Pretty Pink Rooster Solution: key pieces will expand your existing wardrobe. Comfort, style and versatility is what you get when pairing this versatile Vineyard Vines dress with our Liverpool boyfriend jean jacket. And sparkle and meaning to your outfit with the perfect accessories from PPR.

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