Back to school fashion challenge

Back to school fashion challenge

Back to school is stressful for everyone.

My clients over the last month have all been freaking out. In the cute, fashion challenges sort of way. I’m proud to say I’ve been able to help lessen the ‘freak out’ by helping clients work with the pieces they already have, add some pieces and accessories to expand their wardrobe, efficiently.

“I literally have nothing to wear. I mean, I do have my favorite jeans, a cute casual dress and a few other pieces, but I need more options for the school year. My friends are good at mixing and matching and accessorizing. I’m just not a good shopper. I need help.”  

The Pretty Pink Rooster Solution: key pieces will expand your existing wardrobe. Comfort, style and versatility is what you get when pairing this adorable Vineyard Vines collegiate shirt with our Liverpool boyfriend jeans. And sparkle and meaning to your outfit with the perfect accessories from PPR and Little Words Project. 

These key pieces to expand your existing wardrobe on your way back to school this Fall. 

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